Libby loves getting emails from readers and writing back.... but there are a few questions lots of people ask, so she's answering them here.

Q: Where do you live when you're not on the island? Do you do school visits?





A. Stonington, CT. And yes, I love visiting schools! Please see the school visits page. I love visiting libraries,too.

Q: I've written a children's book. Can you read it and help me get it published?

A: Unfortunately not....but there are other people who can, such as those at SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators). SCBWI has meetings and conferences all over the world where you can attend workshops and connect with writers, editors, and agents. Often at these conferences professional editors will read and comment upon your work for a fee.

These Web sites have lots of free information on getting published:

The Purple Crayon

Q: I have a great idea for a book. Will you help me write it?

A: That depends. Libby works on other people's children's books only when hired by the publisher. If you are writing a book for adults, please see which explains how that works. 



Q: What advice would you give other writers ?

A: Be curious and follow your curiousity. Then you'll always have something to write about. And -- as Jane Yolen says -- "BIC. Butt in chair."